of musical composition for the image

Workshop 2017

The Festival, with the support of the SACEM, organized a Master Class of musical composition for picture. The composer Jerome Lemonnier led the Master Class, intended for 9 young composers. The workshops consists of musical composition exercises on short films objective being to build a complete work for the closing ceremony of the Festival (on March 25th) where the young artists performed a public concert-film directed by Jerome Lemonnier.


There are lots of mysteries evolving around the relation between music and images. It would be impossible to put words on this tangled relationship since it is extremely abstract, but music and images complete each other. Music floats through characters’ lives and through their emotional surges, through colors and movements. Music makes the invisible visible. It is everywhere – in every tiny details – in order to create a bridge between ears and eyes.
What happens when music and images become one? Or when they resist to each other? When they complete each other? The Festival’s Master Class of musical composition, which I’m honored to conduct this year, will be an extraordinary occasion for the young composers and musicians as well as for myself to explore this powerful and intimate relation between music and images. To explore emotions, harmony, intensity… as if it was a cooking show! After composing for ten days straight, it’s with the greatest pleasure that we will share our discoveries with the public over an emotive and memorable cine-concert.


Jerome Lemonnier

Jérôme Lemonnier started playing piano at the age of 5. He pursued his musical education at the Ecole Normale Normale de Musique, then at the Conservatoire National de Musique in Paris and graduated from Sorbonne after following the Musicologie program in 1984.
Jérôme has composed, produced and edited a number of soundtracks for the arts and entertainment industry, including TV shows, theater, songs and advertisements. After meeting with the film maker and screen writer Denis Dercourt in 2006, Jérôme starts producing music and soundtracks for the film industry. His first production, The Page Tuner, is nominated for Best Original Music Award at the Cesar 2007.
Jérôme also worked with films makers Christophe Ali, Nicolas Bonilauri, Raphaël Nadjari and Emmanuel Courcol.

  • Benjamin Balcon : guitar et synthesizer
  • Hadrien Bonardo : flute
  • Louis Chenu : saxophone
  • Matthieu Dulong : cello
  • Julien Ponsada : trombone
  • Nicolas Rezaï-Pyle : percussions and akai EWI
  • Felix Römer : piano
  • Clovis Schneider : guitar, bass guitar and mandolin
  • David Tufano : drum and percussions

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