Workshop 2013

As every year, the Festival, with the support of the SACEM, organized a Master Class of musical composition for picture. From March 13th to 23rd, Selma Mutal passed down her knowledge to 8 young composers, and gave them musical composition excercises on short films such as "Mighty like a Moose" by Léo Mc Carey, "Tulips shall grow" by Georges Pal, "Suspense" by Lois Weber and "Le pêcheur de perles" by Ferdinand Zecca. These exercises were performed as a public cine-concert during the closing ceremony of the Festival directed by Selma Mutal.


"Each composer brings his own perspective and awareness towards the art of film. The idea of composing in a group setting where different musical attitudes emerge can present an exciting challenge as well as a rare opportunity for composers of the International Film Festival of Aubagne. This will allow composers to experience first-hand one of the harshest realities of the profession: musical composition deadlines. I hope that this experience is not only one where creativity is fostered, but also one of motivation and discovery for the musicians through dialogue and mutual listening. I am honored to be a part of this soulful project."



As a classically trained pianist, Selma Mutal studied musical composition in the Netherlands at the Conservatory of Amsterdam as well as in Paris at l’École Normale de Musique. Selma’s career started in composing for television and theater. She added film composition to her resumé as of 2003. Notably, she collaborated with director Claudia Llosa, whose last movie "La Teta Asustada" (The milk of sorrow), won the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival in 2009 and was nominated for an Oscar in 2010 for Best Foreign Film.
In 2010, Selma Mutal composed the original soundtrack for the feature film "Contracorriente" (Undertow) by Javier Fuentes León. The film earned multiple international prizes, one of which was the People’s Choice for the Best Film at Sundance.
"Contracorriente’s" original score was awarded the Best Original Music at the International Film Festival of Annonay. The Fuentes León collaboration will be extended to a second feature film titled "The Vanished Elephant". In 2012, Selma Mutal worked with director Tod Lending ("Legacy") on the documentary "Burden of Silence".
Currently, Selma is creating the score for director Violeta Ayala’s ("Stolen") new movie "Cocaine Prison" a French co-production coming to theaters in 2014.