of musical composition for the image

Workshop 2011

In 2011, the Festival, with the support of SACEM, organized for the eighth consecutive year a Master Class of musical composition for picture. The composer Charles Papasoff led the Master Class March from March 16th to 26th. Intended for 10 young composers, the workshop consisted of musical composition exercises on short movies as "His Wooden Wedding" by Leo McCarey and "Doggone Tired" by Tex Avery. The objective was to build a complete work for the closing ceremony of the Festival (on March 26th) where the young artists performed a public cine-concert directed by Charles Papasoff.
The sound track composer metamorphoses into a hybrid being, as keen on timbre as on melody, harmony and rhythm. He shares space, in X.1, with a sound editor who becomes his best accomplice. His precious articulate composer heritage rubs elbows with a virtual approach that reinvents itself with every moment. His weapons are multiple; from sheet music to computer, from improvisation to composition. He understands the process of creation in all its stages and anticipates the occupational hazards in order to deliver a sound track that lives up to the aspirations of the film and its director. Pretty program... beautiful life. We invite you to share a workshop where reality is in fiction. Or is it the other way around?
Multitalented artist, Charles Papasoff is a musician, composer, arranger, director and producer.
Known in jazz circles as a baritone saxophonist but comfortable with several instruments and in a good number of musical styles, Charles consecrates a good deal of time to composing and recording. These last few years, as well as composing for the Papasoff Qtet, he has worked for the cinema, signing music for films such as, « Le fugitif ou les vérités d’Hassan » by Jean-Daniel Lafond (2006) and « La lune viendra d’elle-même » (2005) by Marie Jan Seille.
In contemporary dance, Papasoff has composed amongst others, the music for « Plus seule qu’en solo » (2004) and « Ulysses, nous et les sirènes » (2010), for the Système D company of choreograph Dominique Porte, and « L’homme filigrane » (2000) for the French choreograph Myriam Naisy of the CMN Company in Toulouse.
As a director, he has collaborated with, amongst others, Dawn Tyler Watson and Paul Deslauriers for “ ...en duo” (Disc of the year Lys Blues, 2008) and Coral Egan for “Magnify” (2007) and “My Favorite Distraction” (director of the year ADISQ, 2004).
As an arranger we also find him on “Nocturno” by Bïa (2008) and the eponymus cd of by Geneviève Toupin (2009).
As a saxophonist, he has participated in numerous recording sessions, among which very recently, with Kevin Parent and Guillame Arsenault.
On the production side, several achievements are tributary to his work on the shows of Coral Egan at the Espace Dell Arte (2007), the Dawn Tayler Watson and Paul Deslauriers cd "...en duo" and that of his ensemble the Papasoff Qtet, "Papasoff Live"(2010).
And finally, the actor Papasoff, has played in several projects these last few years, amongst which recently for television "Tout sur moi" and "Tout la vérité" (2010) and for the cinema with "Next Floor" by Denys Villeneuve (Best short film, Cannes 2008) and "In Cold Love" (2009) by Franck Blaess, in which he has the leading part .
  • Pierre Demange, guitarist, drummer
  • Gaëlle Perez, flutist, pianist, bassist
  • Valentin Hadjadj, guitarist
  • Sylvain Morizet, pianist
  • Samuel Leloup, violonist
  • Maxime Barthelemy, bassist, laptop, trompeter
  • Kumi Iwase, saxophonist, clarinetist
  • Erwan Le Guen, cellist
  • Jérôme Lifszyc, pianist, guitarist
  • Amaury Chaboty, pianist, guitarist, drummer

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