of musical composition for the image

Workshop 2010


« I’m always amazed by realize the impact that some film music can have on the spectator and the impact which some of these pieces produce on the collective unthinking. I remember when being schoolchild, during our breaks we mimed the murder scene of "Psycho", while trying to sing the music of Bernard Herrmann (orchestrated with glissandi of ropes). The quality of this musical metaphor had a strong impact the history of music in the cinema for ever. To such an extent that even today, to stigmatize stress, suspense, tension, we use " Hermannien " style as reference for many composers. This is the idea I have of the role of music in cinema; this faculty has to influence our reception of image while acting on emotions of the spectator. It is this dimension that I will share with the young composers in this workshop, through my experience of composer and arranger.
The relationship with the film director,the means the musician has to accomplish his music, the orchestration, the musical language, the music’s role in a film; all these elements are so many factors the composer must try to control the best he can, they constitute the frame set up by his work of composition.
To prepare the cine-concert of the closing night, we shall work on the elaboration of key elements allowing to construct the musical form which will go with the film. We shall blend at the same time, writing, orchestration and improvisation as well, on the musical elements offered by the young composers participating to the workshop. »

– Cyrille Aufort


Cyrille Aufort starts his career as an arranger, working for several artists of the French song (Michel Sardou, Michel Fugain, Serge lama, Charles Aznavour, Bernard Lavilliers).
Orchestrator well known, he worked with Alexandre Desplat, Yvan Cassar and Gabriel Yared, and many others. Cyrille Aufort composed his first music of feature film for the film « 9A », by Reza Rezaï. Since that, he notably signed the original music of " Hell " (Bruno Chiche), " Splice " (Vincenzo Natali) and of « L 'empire du milieu du sud » (Jacques Perrin and Eric Deroo).

  • Damien Deshayes, flautist
  • Gaston Urioste, oboist
  • Nigji Sanges, violonist
  • Alexandre Desenfant, saxophonist
  • Jeff Suzda, saxophonist et clarinetist
  • Bruno Abel, pianist
  • Rémi Boubal, pianist
  • Fabien Cali, guitarist

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