Site Régional d'Aide à la Réalisation


SiRAR is a UNIQUE device that offers TWO inseparable grants for the support of the creation of ONE first short film, bringing to light the relation between two creators, the composer and the director (here scriptwriter).

Two grants: one endowed by the city of Aubagne and the Regional Council of PACA area, offering to a young scriptwriter a € 24 500 grant for the direction of his first short film. The second grant, attributed by the Sacem, offers to a young composer a € 2 500 grant for the composition of the original music score of the film laureate of the grant helping a first filmmaking.

Is added to those two grants, a help attributed by the SiRAR co-founders. G.R.E.C is taking care of the laureate film’s production management. Panavision provides material, students from Satis department from Aix-Marseille University in Aubagne bring their skills at each stage of the realization.

SiRAR is a self-training mechanisme based on the initiative and the personal responsability of the directors and composers. It is a place where cinematographic essay can be undertaken without compétitive spirit nor restraint attached to the different censorship exercised by the market economy.

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