meetings between producers and directors

Unique in France, « L’Espace Kiosque » is part of the actions set up by the Music & Cinema - Festival International du Film à Marseille to support young artists and favor professional encounters and connections.

As one knows, no one defends his/her project better than his/her author: the looks, the gestures, the shouts, express best the passions and bring to light the scope of the projects worked on.

During one day of the Festival (April 04-09, 2022) the Festival gives some twenty selected authors the opportunity to meet producers on a one-to-one basis, to talk about their projects for short films.

Some twenty seasoned producers will take part by reading the scripts beforehand. Working out the strengths and weaknesses of the projects, they will bring their critical look, their know-how and experience of writing and of the feasibility of the projects.

Espace Kiosque is a warm non-competitive moment. It gives producers and authors alike time to question themselves in a human and constructive way on the production of film projects.

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