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European Market for Film Music Composition

3rd Character :
As part of the International Film Festival of Aubagne, we are organizing the european professionals meetings « Music & Image » dedicated to european composers, sound designers, directors and producers.

In reference to Federico Fellini who used refer to film music this way, the « Third Character » workshop gathers the trio « producer, director, composer » around music score on a specific film extract.

Created with the aim of helping musical creation, the European market for film music composition gives composers the opportunity to meet producers and directors who worked on a common project and are now looking for someone to write original scores.
Seventy composers are selected and put in touch beforehand with the directors in order to learn a bit more about their expectations regarding the desired music for their films. Afterwards they have one month to create a musical atmosphere.
In the course of the Festival the directors and producers finally meet the composers with whom they have been in touch and, over an individual interview, evaluate the artistic qualities of each of their musical project. On that occasion, it is up to the composer to convince them that his/her creation is the most adapted for their film.
This market is made of a national unit as well as an international one.

For the 2020 edition of the Festival, the European Market for Film Music Composition / Third Character professional meetings will be hold on
Thursday April 02nd and Friday April 03rd 2020.

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